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How to Learn About Japanese Culture: Pre-Japan Vlog # 3


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Here's a list of some Youtube channels we mentioned in the video, as well as some we didn't mention.All are good resources to learn about Japan. don't have every good vlog out there written down here, so feel free to recommend some in the comments. ^. ^

TheJapanChannel: A channel run by an Australian man living in Japan.He has hundreds of helpful videos, and provides an excellent viewpoint as a Westerner in Japan.

katrandom: A channel created by a girl who went to Tokyo on foreign exchange and recorded many helpful and entertaining vlogs while there.Because, she is no longer in Japan.

brotherannie: A channel created by a girl who went to Japan on foreign exchange a few years ago, and created an excellent series of vlogs about her experiences.She now lives in Japan as an English teacher, and regularly uploads helpful Japan-related videos.

AlexainJapan: A girl who went to Japan on foreign exchange, despite knowing little about the country at the time, and recorded numerous vlogs about her experiences.This provides a rather unique viewpoint into Japan. Though she is no longer in Japan, she still occasionally posts videos about her experiences there.

TokyoCooney: An American man who lives in Tokyo.His comedic videos detail various details about life in Tokyo, but he has not uploaded very often as of late.

TwilightSerenity: An avid Japan-lover who went to Osaka on foreign exchange very recently. Her videos are helpful and numerous, and she has not yet released all of the footage she took in Japan (though she does release some of it from time to time ).

laurainjapan2010: A girl who went on foreign exchange to Hokkaido through Rotary.She recorded many helpful videos, but is no longer in Japan.

Juchaeh: A boy who is currently (as of 11/9/11) in Japan on foreign exchange through CIEE.

AkitaTom: A vlogger who originally went to Japan on foreign exchange, left his program, and now lives there.He records vlogs occasionally.

And that's all for now. ^. ^ We may add some more later ...

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