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Japanese cuisine Ryugin, charcoal-grilled swimming crab 2011


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A collection of cuisine VTRs created as staff materials for the Japanese restaurant "Ryugin" in Roppongi, Tokyo

Introducing Ryuginka's specialty, firewood charcoal grill.
It is this cocoon that takes a lot of labor just by arriving the most among all the ingredients used in Ryugin, and it conveys the deliciousness eaten in the region where a lot of firewood is caught and the deliciousness without time difference in Tokyo Roppongi First of all, it is our idea in making a cocoon.

In Ryugin, three absolute conditions are first sung when grilling firewood.
① To be alive and swimming when baking salmon in the kitchen
② Considering 16cm as the best standard, it should be the size before and after
③ Be sure to bake with good quality Bincho charcoal

We always think about what kind of state is said to be the best grilled sea bream, and in order to create the ideal state, the above three conditions are essential, and the head is charcoal-fired with its own fat. It is fried from above, drains the internal organs using a highly heat conductive gold skewer, puts on a solid fire, and the tail is like a dried fish that can be eaten up to the fin We have decided that it will be a perfect finish.

Once the ice has been tightened, it will be rigid after death, so it will not be able to form heat and heat naturally in the direction you want to warp the muscles, and the body's temperature has dropped. A large temperature difference occurs in the heating up to the internal organs and the muscles inside, and convection of the fat of the moth itself is not realized at all, and it is far from the ideal state from our view.

Remove the lower jaw indirect, create a window to escape moisture, break the gallbladder with gold skewers, change the bitterness to bitterness and increase the area. At the same time, the gill lid is opened so that the fat can be received more so that the head becomes stronger and fried.

It is better to shake a lot of salt, and if you use rock salt that is not spicy, you can shake more. Replacing the scent of the fat sucked by the bamboo skewers with smoke chips and returning it to the end.

Match the scent of the watermelon in the bowl and mix the red vinegar with the watermelon. I don't think that regular candy is suitable for all drinks, including sake, and I don't use it because there is no reason to match it.

I think every day in front of the stand until I can control the charcoal fire. As a Japanese chef, this is an essential subject for technical acquisition.

It seems that the fun of candy is to add three different textures in the 16cm and eat everything from the head to the tail without removing the bones.

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