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Fancy learning the art of sushi rolling, or wearing the latest Japanese fashions?
Hyper Japan-the exhibition celebrating all things cute and cuddly-is on show in London.

Japanese trends are hitting the catwalk in London.
Kawaii style is all things cute and cuddly.And these models are typifying the look on the catwalk at Earl's Court.
Created by designers KAWAii !! YUKATA and KAWAii !! SUTETEKO, the style is growing in popularity in Europe.
Numerous stalls are packed with the latest looks from Tokyo streets.
There's 30 Kawaii hand-made accessory exhibitors.
"Kawaii means cute or lovable in Japanese," says Zanni Mackley, the creative director for Tofu Cute and Dreamy Bows, two shops displaying here at the event.
"But it's not as limited as the English definition of cute because anything can be kawaii in Japan.Road signs can be kawaii, fashion, even food can be kawaii."
The concept of cuteness is increasingly accepted in Japanese culture.
In Tokyo, there's a street dedicated to this very distinctive fashion trend of kawaii.
Harajuku area of ​​Tokyo sets the trend for the quirky style with distinctive hot pink wings, lime green corsets and purple tutus.
These models are wearing the 6% DokiDoki fashion brand, one of the many trend-setters here in Harajuku.
According to Mackley, kawaii is now growing in popularity here in the UK, although it's still not hit the mainstream.
"So, I would say it's getting more and more popular over the last few years," she says.
"You can see-maybe if you go to London-you might even just spot someone wearing kawaii fashion in the street.It's starting to infiltrate the mainstream a little bit."
Mackley says there's many reasons why she enjoys dressing in this bright and eye-catching style.
"I like the creativity of it," she says.
"Not limited by high street fashion, if you buy clothing and accessories from Japan there's no limit-or maybe you can even make your own items.And when you come to an event like Hyper Japan and meet other people that are interested in kawaii fashion , you can admire everyone's creations, the way they put together the outfit and the hair.Also, an excuse to have giant hair. "
But Hyper Japan's numerous stalls aren't just dedicated to the fashion of Japan, over the other side of the exhibition centre, chefs are battling to the death for the title of 'Sushi of the Year'.
These professional chefs are from restaurants all across the UK and are pitched against each other to create the best sushi dish.
The 1,500 visitors to this year's Sushi Awards will taste each of the five unique sushi creations, then vote to decide who will eventually be crowned the UK Sushi Roll Champion for 2014.
Representing London-based Yashin Ocean House is Senior Sous Chef Daniele Codini.
He's originally from Italy and trained at the award-winning 'Fat Duck', to learn new techniques and develop a new approach to cuisine.
"It's sushi rice but it's crispy, so it's compact and then deep-fried, so it gives you a different texture," he says.
"And then the other thing that is really different is that we use really 100 percent Wagyu beef from Japan, which has been allowed on the market in the UK two, three weeks ago. So, we are still testing it in the restaurant, but this is one of the first creations we came up with. "
"It's a type of beef that is really different because it's got a really high fatty marble.It makes it more tasty and the difference is it's breed with beer and is massaged all the time so it's really moist and it's really fatty and it's got a really, really depth in flavor. "
While these chefs are supplying a feast for the stomachs, these performers are supplying a feast for the eyes.
"Integration between technology and humanity," he says.

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