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I've been to Tokyo 6 times, usually staying about a month so I decided it is time I share my favorite TOP 10 Must-Eat foods in Tokyo including the best sushi, ramen and Japanese sweets. Subscribe to my channel ► for weekly videos!

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I visit Tokyo almost every year due to my obsession with Japanese culture, food, language and all the amazing friends I made throughout the past decade thus I feel like I can make this TOP 10 must-eat foods with confidence to make sure your next trip to Tokyo will be a foody-loaded adventure.

There are many sushi restaurants in Japan but in my honest opinion nothing beats the sushi chain Sushi Zanmai.This chain can be found all over Japan and over the best sushi for the best price.

I always order the deluxe sushi set after arriving in Japan, for just 3000 yen, $ 27 USD, you'll feast on a mouthwatering sushi set including blue fin tuna, saltwater eel, shrimp and sea urchin.

Since the Tsukiji inner fish market closed, you can still enjoy the Tsukiji outer market where you can still run into public tuna cutting.Two other major items you have to buy at the Tsukiji outer market are the Japanese custard mochi ball which is a sticky rice ball treat and the bizarre sea urchin bamboo-charcoal bun (uniman) from Hamada Shoten.

It was a total coincidence running into famous YouTube star John Daub from the show ONLY in Japan.An incredible show about everything Japan with over 1 million subscribers.John was live streaming the closure of the Tsukiji inner fish market and asking the locals their thoughts on the relocation to Toyosu.

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