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Thinking about traveling to Japan? Well, I've done it, and now I'm going to do it again, and I'll share my tips and tricks to get you there! for Japan: Prep

* Remember: you are going to a new country with new customs-it is your responsibility to learn their customs, they don't need to learn yours.If that's a problem for you, maybe don't travel to other countries 😁

The Japanese have many different cultural customs! Here are a few to keep in mind:

-Always take your shoes off when entering someone's home, any place with a tatami mat (straw mat), an onsen (Japanese bath house), and some restaurants.

-Use the bathroom slippers provided-you will be considered gross / unsanitary if you do not 😜

-If someone bows to you, be sure to bow back.

-If you're being hosted, you should bring a small gift (usually edible) .When we went last time, we brought gifts for our Airbnb hosts-just a small seasonal box of See's candies.

-Take gifts, business cards, and money with two hands.

* When staying in a very "Japanese" place, you might not have a western-style bed.The Japanese traditionally sleep on "futons," which are basically thick comforters on the ground, with another thing comforter on top (like a double- stuffed sleeping bag) .Personally, I think they're really comfortable and cozy, but if you're someone with extreme back or sleep problems, you might not like them, so be sure to check what type of bed is available.

-Toilets: most places in Japan have Western toilets, or Western toilets on steroids, with "extra" functions! But some places might be traditional Japanese toilets, where you squat above a "hole in the ground." It's an experience 😝

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-Use Google for currency exchange rates!

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