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Authentic Japanese FOOD TOUR of JAPANTOWN | San Francisco, California


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During my recent visit to San Francisco I decided to head to Japantown and do an all out food tour! From Sushi, to Ramen to Mochi's, here is my Japanese food guide to Japantown!

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I started the Japanese food tour in the Peace plaza where they have a peace pagoda.Here I entered into the Japanese Center mall, which is a mix of Japanese restaurants and shops catering the Japanese community of San Francisco.

I first head to OMA Sushi a small 8 seater restaurant that has a set menu.I went with the 5 pieces and a hand roll for $ 30.This was some of the best sushi I have ever had in my life!

Next I had a Matcha Float Frappe at Premium Matcha Cafe.Matcha is green tea, you can get it in a float, frappe, as ice cream.It is so bomb! You have to try this!

For the main course I headed to Marufuku Ramen.This place is famous for having some of the best Ramen in San Francisco.Chinese style noodles served in a meat based broth with tons of veggies.You can have it spicy or no spice. part of the Ramen was the broth, super delicious!

Lastly I headed to Benkyodo to try some Mochi's.This bakery is over 100 years old.A Mochi is a rice dessert that is gummy and very delicious! I tried three mochi's and they all blew me away! It's like a rice pudding ball.

Next time you visit San Francisco, head out to Japantown and eat some of the best Japanese food outside of Japan! If you liked this video, please give me a thumbs up, leave me a comment below and subscribe to my channel!

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Authentic Japanese FOOD TOUR of JAPANTOWN | San Francisco, California


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