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How to EAT JAPAN | 10 Must Know Food Tips No One Tells You


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How to eat in Japan covers Japanese manners and Japanese etiquette when eating at Japanese Restaurants. These Japan Travel Tips and must know Japanese food tips will help guide you as travel through Tokyo and other cities in Japan.Japanese table manners, how to order in Japanese and general Japanese eating manners are always nice to know.Some of the Japanese food tips can also be applied when eating Japanese Street Food like saying Itadakimasu or when you paying at a Japanese register.This Japanese Eating Guide will review how to Share Food, Customize your order, and also have Japan vegan tips.

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How to eat in Japan Top 10 Must Know Food Tips

0:37 # 1. Sharing food
2:30 # 2. Finishing your food
3:16 # 3.Customizing your meal
5:00 # 4. Vegan Tip
5:48 # 5.Itadakimasu
6:28 # 6. Unwritten Drinks Rule
7:15 # 7. Slurping
7:43 # 8. Take home boxes
8:20 # 9. Putting away your plates and trash
9:00 # 10. Paying at the register

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