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I want to know the correct way to get Japanese food (kaiseki)! !


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My name is Shikano from Unagi Dojo. (Unagi Dojo HP

I am also a full-time instructor for the tea ceremony Urasenke.

Some of the manners for Japanese cuisine are introduced here.

As a Japanese, there is no wonder about how to get your own cuisine.

Even if you don't know the manners of other countries, you should know the manners of your own country.

There are other videos of various types of fish, so please watch them if you like.

・ How to fly horse mackerel

・ How to fly a yellowtail

・ Three pieces of mackerel

・ How to spread live trough puffer

・ 5 wholesale of smart

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・ How to wholesale sardines

There are also videos of such dishes.

・ How to make soup rolls

Please see if it is good.

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