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A collection of cuisine VTRs created as staff materials for the Japanese restaurant "Ryugin" in Roppongi, Tokyo

Introducing the charcoal-grilled fish miso pickled in Japanese cuisine using the Ryugin method. Here, I will introduce the degree of perfection of the process as a gastronomy using the most familiar miso pickles.

In normal miso pickles, by adding flavor and aroma to the fish body, you can expect the effect of suppressing the raw odor and finishing with a rich flavor, but it is easy to burn when grilled, and if you boil it on low heat, the moisture of the body can be pickled Sometimes dehydrated, the less it is, the harder and tighter the texture.

I don't think that the carp skin is so delicious even if it is baked on charcoal fire.

The crab is pickled in miso and then skewered and heated at a suitable temperature in a wonderfully scented eggplant oil. At this stage, 90% of the fish is heated under suitable temperature conditions. The moisture in the body does not dry, it is juicy and the scent of eggplant is transferred, and the heat from the surface to the center is all the same softness, and it is possible to pass heat without tightening itself.

The best flame is first created and then charcoal fire is used. Since there is no crispy texture of the skin, it will be made more delicious later than the original skin.

First, wipe off the oil, apply egg white on the peeled surface, and evenly attach the souffle. Slowly burn on both sides with a strong fire of charcoal, and create a savory and crispy texture while raising the smoke and adding a scent of charcoal. A black vinegar blended with a re-souffled skin and balanced to create a deep and rich sour taste.

From the beginning, it is impossible to bring this potion to the best without using a gradation in order to avoid scorching. I introduced here the process of overturning things like this.

This process can be practiced with any fish, and of course it can also be used with fish that leave skin, and you will know how great the influence on the deliciousness of burning that is never clearly spoken in Japanese cuisine.

Whether it is fish, meat or boiled vegetables, the best image and pursuit of burning will lead to a solid advance in Japanese cuisine.

The technique that is said to be the basic technique of Japanese cuisine is really a technique, and now I ask if it is really perfect or what is right in front of me. If you can go ... You can't admit that we need to cook.

This is because cooking stipulates that reason must be a fee.

As far as miso pickles are concerned, as long as this process is used, we believe that the charcoal fire effect is sufficient on the surface alone.

Here, chef Yamamoto's autumn specialties matsutake mushrooms with black vinegar were added to the luxury.

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