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Lecture by Haruki Murata Lecture on Japanese Culture “Showa Emperor and Okinawa Prefecture's“ The Prince of the Sun, Going to the Ocean ”


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Lecture by Dr. Haruki Murata
Title: Bonds between Emperor Showa and Okinawa Prefecture “The Crown Prince of the Sun, Going to the Ocean”
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This is the first time that the Emperor or Prince entered Okinawa since the Meiji Restoration. Emperor Taisho was visited throughout the country during the time of the Crown Prince, but was not able to travel to Okinawa over long distances.
For that reason, the joy of the citizens of the prefecture would have been great.
The pier is beautifully decorated with red and white cloth, and while the nearby villagers and children enthusiastically welcome along the roadside, the naval army Crown Prince Hirohito is walked to the nearest station and headed to Naha by a prefectural light train. It was.
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Lecturer: Haruki Murata
He graduated from Waseda University High School in 1969, and in 1973 from Waseda University's Department of Political Science, Department of Political Science. While studying at Waseda University, he participated in the ethnic student movement and was the youngest member (5th grader) of Sakai-no-kai.
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“First of all, take over Japan from the region! The terrible self-government regulations!”
“Yukio Mishima's Era -The Sakai no Kai and Morita Hissue-” Seirindo
"wait a minute! ! Self-government basic regulations
“The Imperial Family I Can't Listen Now”
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Date March 21, 2019 (Thursday) Spring equinox
13:20 Open 13:30 Start 16:30 End We will expand the maintenance video seminar for the Japanese rebirth!
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To represent Japan and to be active in the world like Yuzuru Hanyu,
I want to abandon my view of masochism and regain my pride as a Japanese!

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