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Street Food Japan-DANCING SQUID SASHIMI + BEST Seafood and Noodle Tour of Hokkaido, Japan!


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Street Food Japan-Eating DANCING SQUID SASHIMI with 7 AMAZING Japanese street foods on Hokkaido island! ►Join the community:

Japanese street food is amazing! Today, we're eating LIVE DANCING Squid Sashimi! AND, we're going for a FULL ON street food tour of Hakodate, Japan to taste a ton of Japanese street food and seafood! Seafood Ramen, Soba noodles, LUXURY Uni, and MORE!

In this video, I (The Food Ranger), am bringing you in DEEP for some amazing street food in Hakodate, Japan.This Japanese street food video has 7 amazing street foods you need to try.

Get ready to eat some RARE Japanese seafood dishes, like dancing squid sashimi don rice bowl (kaisen don) and more!

Japanese street food is so diverse, you can travel around Japan to new cities to try unique cuisine in each city.And Hakodate is a very special city for street food and seafood.We took the train from Sapporo just to come on a street food tour of the morning market in Hakodate and to try as much ramen, noodles, and seafood as possible.

First up, we're going to the morning market in Hakodate for a seafood tour.The morning market in Hakodate is where all the fisherman unload their catch and where you can taste some of the freshest seafood in Japan. going for some street UNI sea urchin and then comparing it with a luxury uni sea urchin in a restaurant right beside.

Shop Name: Uni Murakami
Address: In the morning market

Then, we're going for a LUXURY Japanese seafood ramen! Made in a rich seafood stock with miso and topped with scallop, shrimp, uni sea urchin, snow crab legs! It was delicious!

Shop Name: Kamome
Address: Right across from seafood market

And then we're taking you for even more Japanese food.We're going for a delicious shio ramen made with salt from around the hakodate area.It was very refined and delicious with half boiled eggs, chasiu pork!

Shop Name: Ajisai Ramen
Address: Near the Goryokaku Hakodate tower

And then, since we are on a world noodle tour, we're going for soba, a famous Japanese buckwheat noodle served cold with a sweet soy sauce!

Shop Name: Maruyoshi Soba
Address: 23-8 Chitosecho, Hakodate, Hokkaido

And to finish up, we're going back to the morning market for DANCING SQUID sashimi! This was served over rice with ikura salmon eggs!

Thanks a lot for watching these street food tour videos!


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