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We Japanese use onomatopoeia extremely often in our daily conversations.We can express s lot of feelings, situation, even your health conditions with Onomatopoeia is amazing and unique language tools to communicate with others which deeply connected to our culture, custom, weather, daily life and history.It's said that the number of Japanese onomatopoeia is 4 times more than English.Would you like to learn and Know how we use them with which kinds of situation? It must be very interesting, also this can be short cut to understand Japanese language deeper and faster.Anyway using onomatopoeia makes Japanese more cheerful, happy and lively.Kitty will show you each onomatopoeia when and how to use very easily and simply.Repeer with Kitty and you will be an expert to speak Japanese! Welcome to Kitty's channel.Let's try together to learn happy Japanese !!

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