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To attract more Japanese tourists and seize the business opportunity of 10 consecutive holidays in April, the Tourism Bureau of Tourism, together with the Taiwan Tourism Association, He visited Osaka and Fukuoka in Japan from March 7th to 12th, led by scenic areas, hotels and tourists.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Tourist Office in Osaka. In order to introduce Taiwan to Japanese passengers from different angles, this year's director Shuang Yong, Tourism Bureau, in particular, Taiwanese traditional drama, Guahi, Taiwan Opera's national national treasure Mr. Sae, “Mine King” In order to make Japanese travelers experience Taiwanese cultural activities, the famous actor of the theater called Go Zhu Riku, who is known as Son Goku) Is called to visit.

The three artists performed a flash mob on the Taoyuan Metro Airport Line and Taoyuan International Airport boarding gate on the 7th, showing Taiwan's originality and vigor ahead. On the 7th, Mr. Zhang's cello mini concert started at Kansai International Airport Terminal 1, followed by promotion activities at “Conrad Osaka” in Osaka on the 8th and “Tenjin Sky Hall” in Fukuoka on the 10th.

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