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This years Koinobori Festival in Okinawa, Japan was beautiful, thanks to the combination of perfect weather and colorful streamers.This festival for kids in quite popular and lots of fun.

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Other than the struggle to find parking, the Koinobori festival was an absolute joy! Every year, in Kadena-cho on the island of Okinawa, there is a festival held to celebrate children.The tradition in Japan is to hang colorful streamers in the sky that resemble carp, known as Koinobori.These popular flying fish are meant to represent the families of Japan, and to wish them success and happiness in life.Children's Day in Japan is part of the Golden Week holiday and is a very important part of Japanese. Culture.I'm sure all the young ones become very excited when this festival for children is approaching in Okinawa.
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Title-Koinobori / KOINOBORI


How are you all at the 2017 Golden Week? There are many events here in Okinawa as well as tourists from all over the country. One of them is the carp streamer Festa 2017, which is crowded with many families on children's days. If you are wondering about the Golden Week event in Okinawa and sightseeing, check out this video. I summarized the highlights of GW! Please enjoy it as a family trip ♬ We recorded this at Toguchi beach 🙂 Filmed at Kadena okinawa japan.

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