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Gion Roiro-High End Japanese Food in the Heart of Kyoto


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We've focused a bit on traditional food in Japan, but we're really interested in seeing what new things creative chefs can imagine here in Japan. So, we went out to Gion Roiro in the heart of Kyoto, where instead of highly traditional food, we had an eye-opening experience of new, creative dishes.

Thank you to Gion Roiro for inviting us out to shoot this video and to have free reign for shooting around the kitchen, which is hard to come by in many Japanese restaurants.while this video was sponsored, we're only posting it because we really liked what we ate, and we liked the shots we got too, and we think that you'll really like it as well.

Check out Gion Roiro if you ’re in Kyoto!

This is also us trying to be a bit more formal in our fancier videos.We do n’t do this often, but we like to try it from time to time.For more high end Japanese food videos, check out this playlist

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