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How To Make a Origami Paper Catfish (Traditional Japanese culture, Japanese traditional culture, Origami, Naazu)


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How To Make a Origami Paper Catfish (Traditional Japanese culture)

Today I would like to fold this “Naazu”.

Today, I ’ll make this “catfish”.

First, make a crease with a diagonal line with the colored side up.

Colored side is up, and make a diagonal crease.

Then turn it over and fold it in half vertically and horizontally.

Turn it over, and make horizontal and vertical creases.

Fold it diagonally.

Fold it in half diagonally.

Fold it so that it is crushed.

Open and squash it.

Fold it up.

Fold up the one part of paper.

Fold it to fit the centerline.

Fold it to put the sides together with the center line.

Fold it in half to make it thinner.

Fold it in half again to make it thin.

Fold the white part down.

Fold down the white part,

The broken corner will be inside.

and put this corner inside.

Fold the corners diagonally upward.

Make an inside reverse fold diagonally for the corners.

Turn it over.

Turn it over.

Crush the vertices and fold it so that it stretches down overall.

Squash the apex, and extend it downward on the whole.

Make a crease at half the corner, including the colored ones.

Make a creases by folding the corners, including the colored part, in half.

Fold along the crease.

Fold it to put the sides together with the creases.

Fold it with the crease attached.

Fold it following the creases.

Leave the tip folds in a three-dimensional shape.

For the end, leave it three­dimensionally.

Turn it over.

Turn it over.

Open your mouth and adjust the shape while folding your beard.

Open the mouth, make the whiskers thin, and adjust the shape.

This is the perfect completion.

A catfish is completed.

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