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LEVEL 9999 Ramen Tour of Tokyo, Japan-ULTIMATE WAGYU Beef Ramen + FOIE GRAS Ramen-Japanese Food


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The BEST Ramen in Tokyo-LEVEL 9999 Wagyu Beef Ramen! And
Huge Thanks to Cody from-Cody gives amazing Tokyo Ramen Tours, check out his page and follow him here

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In this Japanese Food video, Cody from RamenGuideJapan is bringing us in for 4 AMAZING Japanese food RAMEN bowls! If you travel to Japan for food, you will definitely be eating a lot of ramen.And Tokyo, Japan, is the HOME of some of the BEST ramen in the entire country!

The Best ramen in Japan is definitely in Tokyo! Japanese cuisine is full of delicious food, but ramen is perhaps my favorite! In this Tokyo Food Guide, we're doing all RAMEN! Japanese street food is famous all over the world-and today , we're going inside for the best ramen in Tokyo!

First up, Cody is bringing us for Tsukemen ramen-the dipping ramen that is famous all across Japan and one of the must try ramen dishes in Japan! He is bringing us to the best Tsukemen ramen restaurant in Tokyo! Found at Tsukemen Michi!

After this, we are going for a famous Fois Gras Ramen! Goose liver, duck fat, and fatty duck breast is all put in a bowl and is extremely fatty and delicoius! Found at Manchiken Foie Gras Ramen.

After this, Cody is bringing us for his favorite chicken shoyu ramen.A delicious animal stock with sous vide chicken cha siu meat! The stock was light and very delicious!

And to finish up our ramen tour, Cody is bringing us for A5 Wagyu Beef Ramen! Incredibly fatty and silky A5 Wagyu Beef on top of Ramen!

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