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Trying Coco Curry in Japan ?! American Kids Experience Japanese Culture


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What do you think of when you think "Traditional Japanese Culture"?

✅ Street food markets
Rine Shrines
✅ Machiya (Traditional Japanese Apartments)
✅ Curry

Wait. Curry?

Yup. The Japanese even have their own traditional curry, called Katsu Curry.And it.Is.Delicious.We experienced the well known fast casual CoCo Curry chain. Ok, well, maybe not that much.But a close third? Anyway, we digress.

We took our kiddos to Japan to experience a totally different culture than our own; part of the reason we started this channel! Granted, Mr. Everett might be a touch young to experience the cultural differences, but Ms.Olivia sure isn't! She had the chance to explore some shrines, participate in a temizu (a Shinto purification rite), sleep on traditional tatami mats, check out the markets, and even enjoy some delicious curry.

How'd it go? Well you'll just need to watch.

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