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8 Must Try Japanese Foods


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Here's a list of 8 Japanese foods you should try if you visit Japan!
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♥ ︎ Katsudon
Katsudon can be found at most Japanese style restaurants.There is a fast-food type chain store called Katsuya that specialises in katsudon!
♥ ︎ Zarusoba
Again, zarusoba can be found at nearly every Japanese style restaurant.
♥ ︎ Udon / Udon
One of my favorite udon shops is Hanamaru Udon! It's a chain shop so you can find it basically anywhere.
♥ ︎ Okonomiyaki
There are many okonomiyaki restaurant and I've yet to try one that I didn't like.Dohtonbori is a pretty famous chain!
♥ ︎ Mentaiko & Tarako Pasta
You can buy the sauce packages at nearly any grocery store! Saizeriya is a cheap family restaurant that has a really yummy tarako pasta.
♥ ︎ Curry Rice
CoCo curry restaurant is a popular curry chain! Be careful not to order too high of a spiciness level! It's pretty intense!
♥ ︎ Omurice
Pomme no Ki in Shibuya has an amazing selection of delicious omurice!
♥ ︎ Oden / Oden
Convenience stores like Family Mart or 7-11 sell oden but only during the cooler months.

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