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Co-creation of Japanese culture and AI Demonstration at Summer Arts Japan 2018 [NEC公式]


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"Summer Arts Japan 2018" hosted by Tokyo University of the Arts in August 2018.
A comprehensive art festival of music and writing, ikebana and technology.
Special collaboration with NEC's state-of-the-art AI technology group “NEC the WISE” for remote gaze estimation technology, enabling collaboration with Ikenobo Sengen, the next generation of flower arrangements.

On the stage, Mr. Ikenobo, who shows ikebana in a dignified appearance, is detected, and videos that match the scene are displayed one after another on the display that looks like a hanging shaft.
A new form of art is created by the fusion of technology and Japanese culture.

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▼ State-of-the-art AI technologies-NEC the WISE-

Video from NEC's official YouTube channel.
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