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I IN JAPAN AGAINNNNNN !!!!!! I know I know ... I was just here two months ago but that was Okinawa! This time I'm visiting mainland Japan and the city of TOKYOOOOOOOO.Okay not exactly downtown Tokyo since we are on a hunt for Japan's greatest hot spring (traditional public bath usually exists in hotels / ryokans or on its own, you basically get in the tub / pool with zero clothes on completely nude with strangers) .We visited one of the best hotels / ryokans in Japan and the food was just superb especially when we were having kaiseki-ryōri (traditional multi-course Japanese dinner with incredible platting and it is really a pleasure to the eye).

Though we did stayed one night in Shinjuku which is one of the three most popular areas in Tokyo for the shopping of course.I must say this though, I still prefer the countryside / hot spring resort area better since the city is just too hustle and bustle for me.Yee living the chill life buddy ...

Anyway, hope you enjoy this series;) xx

Hotel Info:

Otsuki Hotel Wafuukan
Ryokan Otsuki Hotel Wafukan at Atami Onsen
3-19 Higashikaigancho, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0012, Japan

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