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Is a Japan family holiday going to break your budget? We go over the average daily cost to travel Japan, the cost of accommodation, transportation, as well as other handy tips on traveling Japan on a budget with kids.

If a family holiday in Japan has always been on your bucket list, don't hold back because everyone's telling you how expensive it is.Find out in the video how we saved HEAPS of money on accommodation in Japan, food, staying connected and basic necessities for babies and kids.

Disneyland Tokyo Guide for Babies & Toddlers:

$ 40 Airbnb Travel Credit: www.airbnb.com/c/tinap732

$ 20 Booking.com Credit:

I'm Tina, an Aussie Travel Vlogger from Melbourne who travels around with her squad of boys providing the best family travel tips, destination guides for kids, and documents how expensive it is to travel the world as a family.

I create weekly videos to inspire parents to get outdoors and embrace their inner child ... Because we all know how absolutely bananas being stuck at home with kids can make you.

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