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A collection of dishes VTR created as a staff document of the Japanese restaurant "Ryugin" in Roppongi, Tokyo

This section introduces excerpts only from the cooking section that is part of the demonstration video presented by Ryugin chef Yamamoto at the “Red Meat Summit 2012” held in Tokyo Ginza on October 1, 2012.
This is the first and second work using D.A.B. in Ryugin.
The mechanism by which the beef chunk becomes DAB, the difference from wet aging, the process in all aging, the difference in free water and bound water, the decrease in the number of general viable bacteria after aging, the protein and gelatin by enzyme protease The reason why denaturation of nuts and nut flavors occur is already considered to be general knowledge in DAB.
The charm of D.A.B. is that the bone of D.A.B. is exactly like a “scented tree” with the scent of nuts, and the soup taken from it has a nutty flavor. And attention is on the wonderful modification of gelatin. The texture has been reborn like a gummy. And since the meat is condensed with umami and there is no free water, the number of general viable bacteria has been greatly reduced, and the safety is higher than before aging, so it is safe to fire The possibility of even width is becoming visible.
This time, the ratio of red meat and gelatin is adjusted to the balance you want, and then the process of replacing the denatured “muscles” with crispy and crispy “skins” and shari water (strong acidity) Vinegar, red vinegar, sugar salt water), and introducing DAB's "boiled rice cake" using the Ryugin-style shari that becomes vinegared rice simply by cooking. The brittle skin D.A.B. was baked with shrimp shrimp with fiber splits made from gold leaf tea leaves and milky smoke, and chopped sesame seeds and salt kelp were scattered on the tops.

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