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11th term episode 6 “Touching Japanese culture and the warmth of people”


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Chinese high school students and long-term invitation project 11th term Episode 6 “Touching Japanese culture and the warmth of people”
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The Japan Foundation / Japan-China Exchange Center invites Chinese high school students to Japan for one year under the motto of heart-to-heart connection. Students are divided into various parts of Japan and live in the same way as local high school students, such as classes, club activities, and school events, while staying at homestays and student dormitories.
This project was started in fiscal 2006 as the first long-term invitation project based on an agreement between the two governments, and has reached its 10th year in 2016. To date, approximately 330 Chinese high school students have been invited. As the foundation for building a future-oriented Japan-China relationship, we are contributing to the realization of deeper youth exchange.
Through this experience, Chinese high school students understand and deepen exchanges with Japanese society and culture. Furthermore, it aims to provide Japanese people with opportunities to interact directly with Chinese youth, and to build a relationship of trust between the two countries.
On the website of the Japan-China Exchange Center, videos of students' daily life and diaries by students are also available. Please take a look.
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