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[Itami PR video] Experience in Itami Traditional Japanese culture (Full)


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About 15 minutes from Osaka to experience Japanese culture in earnest! ?

This is an inbound video that focuses on “Traditional Japanese culture in Itami”.

1:26 Naginata Kendo Experience
2:52 Tour of Sake and Longevity Museum
3:59 Mirror opening experience
5:02 Tea ceremony experience

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[Introduction to Itami City]
Itami City is located in the southeastern part of Hyogo Prefecture.
It is about 10 kilometers away from Osaka City and is known as the city with Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport). The surrounding area is in contact with Amagasaki, Nishinomiya, Takarazuka and Kawanishi cities in Hyogo Prefecture and Toyonaka and Ikeda cities in Osaka Prefecture.
It is also known as the birthplace of Sake. Around 1600, in Itami, the current transparent sake “Sake” was discovered.
In addition, the old Okada family residence and sake brewery, which is the oldest sake brewery in Japan and is designated as a national important cultural property, remains.
It is famous as the “Naginata sacred place”. Itami City has the All-Japan Naginata Federation headquarters, and one of the three largest private dojos in Japan, Shubukan.

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