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A collection of cuisine VTRs created as staff materials for the Japanese restaurant "Ryugin" in Roppongi, Tokyo

A large number of spears that have been cut at various angles and methods are transported to medical institutions, and CT scans are used to thoroughly verify the bone structure of the spears scientifically, medically, and physically. Publish how to handle. This method has been officially announced at all culinary societies and culinary summits in Japan and abroad.

When placed on a cutting board, the heel bone is bent at an angle of 25 ° from the chopping board, and when placed on a flat cutting board at a 90 ° angle, the tip of the heel bone is physically pointed. It will be a thing. If the cutting board itself is inclined at an angle of 25 ° and the bone is cut, the cross-section of the small bone will be cut into a stump shape, resulting in a smooth feel.

The skin of the persimmon is tripled from the surface to the slime layer, the gelatinous layer, and the fiber layer. By returning the gelatinous material for 70 seconds with hot water at 70 ° C, it is possible to pass the bare heat to the fiber. . By rubbing all the layers of slime and gelatinous material that have been swollen by heat and exposing the fiber layer, the raw odor is completely eliminated, and the fiber layer is completely gelatinized at 58 ° C during subsequent cooking. It becomes. Of course there is no burden of heat on the muscles.

Even if the fried eggplant is wrapped like this time and the heat is difficult to pass through the skin, the skin hardness is not so smooth and even the tactile sensation will not be felt, and the cocoon that has been treated this way without thinking about the hardness of the skin It is possible to cook at the very low heating time and low temperature considering only the convenience.

Bone cutting is crisp against the small bone of the heel, and it makes a big stroke on the muscle of the heel and makes full use of the length and strength of the knives with a large stroke against the heel muscle. Do not put it on the muscles, just move back and forth one by one, and make sure to cut at the correct landing point while sliding the muscles slowly so that they don't dangle. The movement of the knife is not small bones, but cuts one piece at a time according to the convenience of the muscles, there is no sense of cutting into the bone, physically the bone is "cut by a blade that passes naturally It is our sense that it is “satisfied”. The more the sound comes out, the more the bones are broken rather than broken, and it is clear when viewed at 100x magnification. Therefore, it is proved scientifically and in texture that it is not perfect as a technique to make a sound by cutting quickly. In this way, if the wrinkles that are not rigid after death are cut without disturbing the fibers, the outflow of the taste of the body can be minimized even without hitting the kuzu powder. However, as the skin becomes thinner, it is technically difficult to cut the bone while leaving one fiber layer.
This time, we used sake, water, and kelp to extract the broth from the bones of the cocoons, and then used two types of starch to attach the cocoons and eggplants. Introducing the summer porridge that is tailored differently from the first soup stocking site.

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