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Japanese Cultural Character Encyclopedia: Japanese, Japanese company
(Attached: 210 yuan QR code learning shadow + character in Chinese and Chinese character MP3)

Publication date: August 7, 2018
Ameji Shoten, Tsuji Shoten

[Book features]

Cultural differences, hobbyology method; 210 subjects, perspective Japanese table!
Seishin Yasu "Left and Right Page-Study of Learning" Special Edition,
Design “Hobby Empty” 讓 你 Self-Filling Standard Answers;
Good use sight, four elements of literary power ── "Kanji" "Holiday" "Rin" "Character" skill fully equipped!
Attached “210 單元 完全 內 內 学 学 影 影”,
絕 Non-single-tiered presentation, hand-held machine flat screen 瀏覽 Full text;
跟隨 Short sentence clauses, traction dignity characters; authentic Japanese comprehension, natural handgrip use!

■ 從 [20th class angle] 廣泛 introduce [Representative Japanese culture of culture]
National culture, life style, city poles, Futamata, and more than one word. The book's power demands are “customer, personality” angle, narrative and deep-separated Japanese company-specific subdivision, provided non-standard Japanese normals, assistants “addressed to the Japanese society in general, sensuous Japanese-style universal appearance”. Inclusion “Japanese, decent people”, “Japanese social problems, special occupations”, “Japanese-style interpersonal relations, thinking methods, appearances”, etc. 20 major classes, 210 short stories, multi-presented Japanese, various aspects of the Japanese company.沒有 大眾 Universal intellectual “Sho-no-day, Lhasa, 櫻花”, meta-reduction, sincerity, detailed Japanese folk culture!

■ Unrecognizable [Japan, Japanese company]
. “Luoxi” “Luodong” cultural difference large, Xiaoxi people 來 關 east, 甚 覺 覺 “這裡 是 外国 嗎”?
. Is there a non-compliance with the non-compliance rules of the Japanese company?
. Is it possible to compensate for the damage caused by Japanese traffic accidents? Is it about the same as high income earners?
. “2 LDK” with “three bunches”, “2 LD‧K” with “four bunches”?
. “Japanese home-like candy” 很 health, “Japanese-style restaurant selection” unhealthy health?
. How much is it? Is it a Japanese culture of “unstirring culture”?
. Japanese-style tea drinks are semi-sugar-free, so it ’s a surprising shop-like “sugar-containing tea”.
. Natural life fulfilling power, Japan's global homeland?
. Japanese-style home appliances “many” Attaka Gong, however, Ari Tatsumi is not able to buy Japanese?
. On the surface, the ban on gambling, Kazuharu, but in the case of suspicious reasons, isn't he arrested?

■ I don't understand [Japanese men and women]
. Japanese consonance, surface Iwataka, good socialization, but the distance between people and people?
. Taiwanese people “recognizable people” presence; Japanese people “living people” presence, reciprocal friendliness special precautions?
. Talented Japanese acquisition, work prestige, true happiness?
. “Kamidaigaku” in recognition of the Japanese, before the life of a long-time socialist, one-step “free activity time”?
. Another question for Japanese people, “Did you know?” “Would you like to finish it?”?
. Japanese female victim, “Nago no Oro”, basically a non-confidence male?
. Japanese AV male actors, their hardships, low-priced, timid AV actors who are terrified?
. Another expectation Japanese-style “Mixed Bathing” “Western Tengu”, Ingenda Chosen-san “Social Place”?
. Japanese law has not yet stipulated 20 liters of sake, but the Japanese brewery is now in the middle of high school.
. Japanese small children's education "impossible to go", people who are invaded, smiles on the surface, smiles and spirits?

■ [210 short story of the past facts] Towed figurine Nihon-sha 會 talented vocabulary 廣 vocabulary degree 與 “boarding method”
跟隨 事情 跟隨 各, each chapter of "Every 15 Tables", Included general books, short-handed special characters, vocabulary usage. For example: “sleeping by couple” (sleeping for couples), “recruit suit” (test dressing candy), “living education” (Japanese-style education), “feeding wolf” (holiday escort female lonely wolf); (Liquor) Drinking (drinking) Returning home (turning home), etc., metamorphic “Drinking back home drinking” (喝 recuperation home) life table. Under the guidance of the current circumstances, the use of Japanese language habits for serious prison writing;

■ [Left and right pages, etc. ] Xiamen Tang Foreigner's “Study of Form / Sound / Righteousness” Hobby Studies!
Japanese language characters, multi-person difficulties: “Understanding kanji characters, and understanding all the details”.必 單 單 必 必 實 實 實 實 實 實 實 實 實 實 實 實 實 實 學 實 實 學 實 實 實 學 學-單Special edition of this book, “Left and Right Page Studies”, special edition type, four elements of Chinese character power ── “Kanji”, “Holiday”, “Round Sound”, “Letter”, and multi-directional connection. Left and right page “對照 閱讀” can complete study; left and right page “Cross ratio” can ego consideration!
[Left page-Japanese vocabulary]: Vocabulary upper unlabeled holiday name 發音, challenge “Nanjiri Noh”.
[Right page-讀音 ‧ 字 義]: Kanji and vacant character manifestation, challenge "從 讀音 知道 字 義 、 並 能知 知 空格 的 漢字 是 什麼".

■ Nissho + Chinese-registered musician [Letter in MP3]which can be fully opened paper book, and training training!
The whole book “15 pcs x 210”, the character, one letter, one track, and the “first-in-first sentence, re-printed sentence” in order. MP3 soundtrack "complete text introductory text introduction", for example "單 011 15th character character" sound track compilation instant action "011-15", "consideration of one character, can semi-selection selection". This could be a complete booklet, thorough "Your literary language"!

[Study shadow sound features]

■ [Introduction of Gakuen Kageon
“One yuan one shadow piece”, a book book description “Able to use a practical learning shadow”;
(1) [Lesson guide + literary learning]: Phrases in short phrases, narratives, narrative texts, and literary characters in close writing.
(2) [Large Kanji]: A book “Left-and-left page-Learning study” -like content.
(3) [Large sound challenge]: Japanese language character "Holiday name sound", three root choices, exact character selection.

■ [Study on the use of learning shadows]
(1) The entire book is 210 yuan, and each original version has a “Yakugaku Kan QR QR code”.
(2) Sophisticated handcraft, behavioral fixtures such as flat plates, and scouting “Science shadow sound QR code” immediately openable shadows.
(3) Usable wisdom-type handwritten “books”, “tables” and other merits;

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