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Japanese Festival STREET FOOD | Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture


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Trying out some delicious festival street food in Kawasaki during the Sannosai Matsuri!
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On August 6th we had the chance to attend the Sannosai Festival in Kawasaki, where we tried out some delicious typical Japanese Festival Street Food.However the quality is not super gourmet, it is perfect comfort food that will help you survive through a hot summer day .

This festival starts early in the morning from 9AM and end around 9PM and there are a ton of fun activities and things to do.Here is a list of the foods we got to try:

-Okonomiyaki 500 ¥
-Takoyaki 500 ¥
-Chicken Skewer 500 ¥
-Mizuame 100 ¥
-Churros 300 ¥
-Pikachu Cakes 500 ¥

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