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A collection of cuisine VTRs created as staff materials for Japanese restaurant "Ryugin" in Roppongi, Tokyo

About "Evolution and Possibilities of Fugu Cuisine" announced by chef Yamamoto on stage at "5th World Cooking Society in HAKODATE" in April 2015 and "World Cooking Society in ARITA" in May 2016 Publish the video.

This is a photo taken and edited in Roppongi Honten, a Japanese restaurant for the two academic societies in Japan. From all the videos contained in the original edition for the presentation of the conference, this time three Asian stores Except for two video clips of “Fugu Food History” that introduces Ryugin, and the “Fugu Food History” that explains the prohibition of Fugu food and the lifting of Fugu food, the short version is a major re-edit. Introduce what you did.

This is a comprehensive approach to fugu as a Japanese restaurant, and only a few of the results up to the end of March 2015, which faced natural puffers, were presented for presentation at conferences. In addition, “Fugu” is still researched and new “Fugu cuisine” will be announced at the store every year.

As a Japanese food culture, “Fugu cuisine” has already been established in Fugu specialty stores. From Ryugin every year, “Shirako” is fully matured from January 16th to April 15th. For a limited period, we face natural puffers and draw out their various charms. We accept reservations as a seasonal special course and offer it at the head office.

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