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00:20 Train to Saga Arashiyama-The Arashiyama area is home to some of the most famous attractions in Kyoto, and so we took the train there in the morning.However it was a very rainy day, so instead of going straight to the temple we instead decided to have lunch to see if the rain would clear.

1:38 Kyoarashiyama Ine (This is a very famous restaurant in this area of ​​Kyoto, and I think they specialize mainly in tofu and most of what they serve is even vegetarian Japanese food-with the exception of some eggs I think. I ordered the, Nonomiya Set, which cost 1,950 JPY ($ 16.22) .It included all sorts of different Japanese vegetarian dishes including all sorts of tofu and the famous yuba, Japanese tofu skin. , but all the food was a little on the plain side for me.However, it was still very nice, the presentation was beautiful, and the quality was outstanding.

8:43 Tenryu-ji Temple-500 JPY ($ 4.16)-After our Japanese tofu lunch we continued on to the Tenryu-ji Temple, and it was still raining, but not nearly as hard as before.The temple is known for having one of the oldest Japanese gardens, and so that's what I was really interested in seeing.It was quite beautiful.

9:47 Path of Bamboo-Located in Arashiyama, near the Tenryu-ji Temple is one of the most picturesque places and attractions in all of Kyoto, the Path of Bamboo-it's a pathway that leads through a bamboo forest.The scene is quite beautiful, and definitely a good place to take some photos and enjoy nature.

11:29 Kinkaku-ji Temple-One of the final things we wanted to do in Kyoto on this day was visit the Kinkaku-ji Temple, and so we took a series of buses to get there, which all worked out smoothly. -ji Temple was incredibly busy, so it wasn't nearly as nice as it could have been had been quiet and peaceful.

14:10 Japanese Supermarket Dinner-Finally for dinner, we headed back to our area of ​​Kyoto, and we stopped by at a supermarket and bought some things to eat back at home.It's fun to eat at restaurants, but it's also really fun to buy food from a Japanese supermarket and eat it as well-there are so many good things to eat.

Thank you for watching Day 9 in Japan, where we did some attraction sightseeing in Kyoto, and also did some eating.


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