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Promoting Japanese culture at the Olympics The willingness to solve the Hall problem


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The Tokyo Olympics, which are three years away from being held, will be promoted not only in sports but also in culture. For the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government held a meeting to discuss the contents of cultural and artistic events held during the Games.
Mr. Yasuaki Akimoto and artist Katsuhiko Hibino, the representative of the Japanese culture and arts field, attended the meeting. Governor Koike greeted, “Three years left until the 2020 Tokyo Games. Sports are attracting attention, but I think it is a great opportunity to convey the wonderful culture of Japan to the world.” In addition, pianist Yasuyo Nakamichi said, “There is a concern that various cultural facilities in the capital that will be the base of the cultural program will not follow unless we make a form that can build a program in anticipation of 2020 and beyond.” It was.
During the conference, while the renovation of large facilities for the Tokyo Olympics overlapped, it was also discussed the issue that the venue for performances has decreased due to the closing and closing of music and theater halls one after another. “Nogaku Nomura,” said Nomura Akira Nomura, “It is an attractive factor for Tokyo residents and the growing number of tourists to enjoy a wide variety of cultural arts and experience. I would like to continue to make further efforts on the theater and hall issues. "
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has a policy to promote the use of historical and unique metropolitan facilities for private events and conferences from the new fiscal year, but Governor Koike showed the idea of ​​using existing facilities in art and culture, and the problem of lack of halls He showed a willingness to solve.

According to the Japan Performing Arts Organizations Association, an organization created by people related to performing arts, approximately 10 facilities were closed or closed in the Tokyo metropolitan area from last year to over 60,000 seats in total.

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