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SUKIYAKI is a Japanese traditional cuisine.In Edo era, eating meat was not allowed.But farmers sometimes ate meat barbecued using their farming tools.When America, France sent black huge ships to Japan, The foreign crews tried to get Japanese beef.In 1869 "Moritaya" was born as the first meat shop in Kyoto.Then in 1887 Sukiyaki restaurant was started to run at Kobe.There is some variation in cooking SUKIYAKI.I will show you here, Moritaya's way of think SUKIYAKI.I think SUKIYAKI restaurant should be estimated as the service, circumstances, way of cooking, and the taste.

How To Cook
Sliced ​​Beef (Gyuu-Niku) 130g / person, a piece of beef suet (
Abura-mee), green onion (Ahoh-Negi), finely sliced ​​burdock (Sasagaki-Gobou), a piece of tofu, some konjac noodle (Eat-Konnyaku), bread like food made of wheat gluten (Mochi-fu), sliced onion, Garland Chrysanthemum (ShunGiku), soy sauce (Oh-Show-you), sweet sake (Me-Ring), rough sugar (Zarameh).

 iron pan, charcoal heat or electric range.In this movie, electromagnetic cooker is used.Mild and wrapping up heat may be ideal for cooking SUKIYAKI.

 I recommend you to experience SUKIYAKI at Mishimatei near Nishiki-Ichiba or Moritaya in Kyoto, or Moritaya near Osaka Umeda station, or Ohi-Nikuten near Kobe station.

 It's not so difficult to visit famous SUKIYAKI restaurant.They cook throughly and serve for you .The cost is from 5,000yen to 15,000yen per person.The price is according to the grade of the beef.If you would like to eat cultural cuisine, You should visit KANSAI. Because any traditional foods start from KANSAI area .Food Culture is amazing at Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe.Just begin to train using chop sticks !!

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