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(Trailer) The thought of Japanese culture spoken by actress Moe Kamishiroishi


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BS-TBS “Aya ~ Japan Heritage ~” (every Wednesday evening from 9:54 to 10:00 broadcast) Moe Kanamishira talks about the culture with the Director of Miyata Agency for Cultural Affairs. The main part will be released on Thursday.
[# Agency for Cultural Affairs is Omoshiroi. Series video]
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[Interviewees] * Sequential release (in no particular order)
Yoshiharu Hanyu (Shogi) Junko Koshino (designer) Yoji Yamada (movie director) Robert Campbell (Director, National Literature Research Center) Taro Kase (violinist) Toshiyuki Kyoko (artist team lab representative) Kenichiro Kobayashi (conductor) Shindo Koyama (producer) Mariko Hayashi (writer) Hidetoshi Nakata (former soccer player) Shuzo Matsuoka (former tennis) Players and sports commentators) Matsumoto Shirasagi parent and child three generations (Kabuki actors) Akimoto Yasushi (lyricist) Takahashi Yoichi (manga artist) Yumemakura Yasushi (writer) Kamishiroishi Moe (actress) Sakai Hiroyuki (French chef) ) Nomura Yusai (Kyogen)

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