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Visit the Japanese Institute for Japanese Culture in Latvia Riga. The interior was not completed during the relocation of the laboratory. By the way, it was made in 1991 after independence and has a history of 21 years. The former principal was founded. Small children-students and adults learn. There were various exhibits inside.
 The teacher of the Institute for Japanese Culture (a man wearing glasses) says that there was no freedom during the former Soviet era. He was constantly monitored and could not say what he wanted to say. I have come to Japan twice. He has knowledge of Japan and is pro-Japanese and acquaintance. Teacher Please continue to spread Japanese language and culture in Latvia.
 Three students were learning Japanese. All three are young college students. There are many people who have come from this school to work related to Japan. Latvia is a small country with a small population, but there is such an institution and I was happy as a Japanese. The students this time were not so good at Japanese, but they also practiced conversations together.
There are not many people learning Japanese in Western Europe + the United States, but there are quite a few people learning Japanese in these three Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, Australia, and other countries in Asia.
Visit Japan Cultural Institute of Latvia, Riga. Now I have not completed transfer decorated in the laboratory.By the way, you can after independence in 1991, has a history of 21 years here.That of the previous principal was founded.Student-small children, working people learn.There was a variety of some of them exhibit.
  It is (man with glasses) teacher of the Institute of Japanese culture era of the former Soviet Union there was no freedom.Can always be monitored, and what you want to say but could not.In Japan is likely to come twice. of Japan to pro is a pro-Japanese group.Please spread in Latvia Japanese, Japanese culture in the future teacher.
  Three students were learning Japanese.Three young college students together.Graduates of this school, and that there are many people who take a job that is related to Japan.Latvia is a small country with less population, there is such an institution, he was delighted as a Japanese.But the Japanese force until there is not high, students of this time, was also the practice of conversation partner together.
+ Western Europe in the United States are not many people who learn Japanese, especially in Asia, these three Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, and Australia, who learn Japanese quite often.

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