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How expensive is daily life in Japan? Here's all my favorite Japanese Snacks, drinks and booze, with the prices so you can experience the best of Japan on a budget!

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As a student in Japan while studying in Tokyo on my Japan year abroad, I needed to keep my expenses low while still experiencing as much of the country as I could.i quickly learned what were cheap Japanese food and was was expensive.

Is Japan expensive? It depends on where you shop and what you're looking for.Japanese Conbini (convenience stores) are everywhere and sell a surprising amount of cheap Japanese food.If you're traveling Japan on a budget and searching for Japanese snacks , that should be your first stop and get yourself an epic Conbini Haul!

Cheap Japanese snacks are everywhere, as are vending machines where you'll find all sorts of Japanese snacks and Japanese drinks including my favorites, Japanese Kiwi Fanta & Peach Fanta!

If you're traveling Japan or Studying in Tokyo, I'd also recommend Origin Bento for all sorts of cheap Japanese food at an excellent price! Just how expensive is Japan? You'll find it's quite affordable if you know where to look! See you at the conbini!

From this video you'll get an idea of ​​the typical Japan cost of living, and as I spent most of my time in Tokyo, the Tokyo cost of living.Do keep in my all these Japan travel tips when you're planning your own Japan travel budget for your Japan trip!

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