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Japanese Food-Fire Takoyaki


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"Japanese Food-Fire Takoyaki"
This video introduce world food information about how to cook, location and price.

1. Overview
2. Shop information
3. My information
4. Information recruitment
5. Business offer

1. Overview
Hi! I'm Food Scoop.

 -This shop is the bar.So, shop atmosphere is cool.But, you can eat takoyaki as japanese food.It is interesting shop. Because, it is mixed with bar and japanese food.

Almost japanese food cooking is needed skills.As you watch video, the shop owner cooked speedy by his skills.

I liked so much "nametake mayo" souse. Which mean mushroom and mayonnaise. This souse is so creamy.

I was interested this takoyaki. Because of "Fire" takoyaki. You can enjoy fire performance.

You must try to eat japanese food!

2. Shop information
Shop: Ganchan
Location: 3F, Mikawadai-building, 5-16-4, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Order & Price: Takoyaki (Non-halal), 700yen
Nametake mayo takoyaki (Non-halal), 800yen
Holiday: Nothing
Business hour: 9PM -7AM

3. My information
YouTube channel:

4. Information recruitment
I would like to take a video that are your shop or your favorite shop.And post my YouTube channel.
The available area is Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan.

If you tell me, please contact on my SNS and write to follow these contents-Shop name, Address, Special order.

You could feel free to contact me!

5. Business offer
If you have the business offer, please send me by this e-mail.

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