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Wazuka is a beautiful hidden Japanese tea town in Kyoto.Perfect day trip to take from Kyoto, Osaka, Nara or any of the surrounding Kansai prefectures.

I really love this town and think it is just absolutely beautiful! If you are a tea lover (especially macha) and love nature then this is the perfect place for you to travel to in Kyoto 🙂

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Access To Wazuka (copied from their website)

● From Nara (about 15 mnins to Kamo)
Nara Station- [about 15 mins Yamato Road Express)] → Kamo
From Kyoto (about 1 hour to Kamo)
Kyoto Station- [about 35 mins by Miyako Road Expresss] → Kizu (transfer)
-[about 6 mins by Yamato Road Express)] → Kamo
From Osaka (about 56 mins to Kamo)
Osaka Station- [about 12 mins] → Tenoji- [about 30 mins] → Nara- [about
14 mins] → Kamo
― ◎ By bus from Kamo (about 20 mins to arrive in Wazuka)
From West exit of Kamo take the Nara Transportation Bus `` to
Osugi "about 20 mins to arrive at" Wazuka Yama no ie "

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