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To raise interest in Japanese culture, the only junior high school in Bunkyo Ward has a class where students learn the history of kimono wearing twelve. It was done.
Bunkyo-ku No. 9 Junior High School held a class to learn about international understanding and Japanese culture as a comprehensive study period for first and second graders. A woman was invited as a lecturer from the National Costume Promotion Association, and lectures were given on historical changes such as eating habits and living environment, including kimonos from ancient times, the Heian period, and the Sengoku period.
The students of the chairman of the school year were the representatives, and they learned that they could not learn on their desks, wearing twelve units weighing 15 kilograms and direct clothes, which are regular clothes of public houses. The junior high school student who took the class said, “It is too different from our current outfit, and people in the Heian period are often so heavy
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