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Responding to the movie starring Yasuko Matsuyuki and Yasunari Kawabata “Experience the depths of Japanese culture” First greeting of the movie “Furuto” #Yasuko Matsuyuki #movie


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Actress Yasuko Matsuyuki appeared with the co-stars on the first day stage greetings of the leading movie “Furuto” (Director Yuki Saito) in Tokyo on December 3. Based on the novel of Kawabata Yasunari's feature novel, Matsuyuki-san wrote in a modern version of the film, “Kyoto Kawabata's literature expresses the beauty, richness of nature, emotions of people living there. "Purity is flowing firmly in this work," he said with confidence, "I can feel the wonderfulness and depth of Japanese culture again."

Also, “When I read the novel, I felt it was wonderful when the scene spread from the words like a painting. I hope you can use it with a lot of imagination.”

In addition to Matsuyuki, Ai Hashimoto, Atsuko Narumi, Shoyuki Hayama, Takeshi Ihara, Shiori Niiyama who was in charge of the ending song, and director Yuki attended the stage greeting. Yuki said about the movie: “The most important thing Japanese people should not lose, tea or zen, or rethinking themselves. The spirit of Japan ’s proud culture that the world is paying attention to. `` I made it into a movie that makes a baton touch by drawing it in a modern version, '' he said, `` I want you to calm your mind by looking at the feelings of harmony. in this sense, I want to see Donald Trump (the next US) President, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, in 習近Taira san and three people! saying ", he invited the laughter of the audience.

"The ancient city" depicts the main characters who grew up after the novel of Yasunari Kawabata. Matsuyuki played two roles, Chieko Sada, who succeeded the long-established long-established kimono store in Muromachi, and Naeko Nakata, who runs forestry with Chieko's parting sister. Chieko struggled to make her daughter's fate born in Muromachi owing to her daughter Mai (Mr. Hashimoto), while Naeko's business was seriously deteriorating, and her daughter Yui (Mr. Narumi) also painted A story that I was studying in Paris to study, but had lost my sight of what I wanted to draw ...

Yasuko Matsuyuki shares about movie (originated by Yasunari Kawabata) where she plays main role. "Let ’s experience the depth of Japanese culture!”. Stage greetings event of movie "Koto" Greetings on the stage 2

Actress Yasuko Matsuyuki attended the stage greetings event of the screening day of her starring movie "Koto" (directed by Yuki Saito) held in Tokyo on December 3, alongside other cast members.

When talking about the movie that is described as a modern version originated from Yasunari Kawabata's full-length novel, Matsuyuki showed her confindence in her performance: “Kyoto's beauty, nature's richness, emotions, and purity of the people who lives there, which were expressed in Master Yasunari Kawabata's literature, have steady flowed in this work.Here you can once again experence the beauty and the depth of Japanese culture ''.

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