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Sea Shepherd's sub group the Cove Guardians aka: Cove Coward Guardians are currently in Taiji, Japan behaving like smug western imperialist disparaging Japanese culture. Of course the clowns hide this behind their pretend mantra of the care for dolphins to “documenting for the world” the activity in Taiji.

On the Cove Guardians Facebook page (see link below) they posted a photograph of Japanese men at the water ’s edge with this inscription:

“1456: Several new faces are seen with The Whale Museum staff at the harbor pens. They must be nervous to be seen since everyone is wearing a mask concealing their entire face.”

The men were wearing surgical masks and according to the clowns of Sea Shepherd they to hide their faces because they were “nervous.” How ignorant and condescending is that? They are totally culturally ignorant when it comes to Japan.

The people in Japan were surgical masks not because they are nervous, but because they are considerate.A concept totally alien to the clowns of Sea Shepherd, their minions and their type.

The masks are worn to prevent others from catching a possible cold either by giving or receiving.The masks are so prevalent and part of the culture that many have now become fashion statements.

Link to the Cove Guardians Facebook page, see 01 27 2016 timed at 12:03 AM:

Link to Watson ’s Facelessbook page:

Link to photographs of Watson in his costume at a previous what seems to be a costume party:

Link to donate to Sea Shepherd:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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