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JAPANESE OMKASE SUSHI Dinner in Taiwan at SUSHI 27 !!

Today we bring you a special video, trying a very authentic Japanese Omakase at a legendary spot in Taiwan-Sushi 27 which is extremely hard to book (thanks Tony!). We taste over 27 different dishes and the chef teaches us about each piece.

What sets Sushi 27 apart from other sushi restaurants is that the chef experimentally ages each type of fish differently.You can taste the distinct differences, rather than every piece tasting fresh.The chef's rice is extremely flavorful as well. apart is that the chef gets most of his ingredients from Toyosu Fish Market (formerly Tsukiji Fish Market) .He is among the top ranking sushi chefs in all of Taiwan, and high ranking among Japanese sushi chefs as well!


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Japanese Omakase in Taiwan 2018

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