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Sushi Omakase-PERFECT Japanese Food Sushi by Chef Hiroyuki Sato at Sri Panwa, Phuket!


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This was the best Japanese sushi experience I ’ve ever had!
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This was a spur of the moment trip, but my friend David (organized a Japanese food pop-pup including some of Japan's best sushi and best wagyu Kobe beef to be served at Sri Panwa resort in Phuket.When David wrote me and invited me, I was more than thrilled to come, and we hopped on a plane the next day to fly from Bangkok to Phuket.It turned out to be one of the ultimate gourmet food experiences I've ever had in my life.I've never had sushi like this ever!
Master sushi chef Hiroyuki Sato, of the Michelin starred restaurant Sushi Tokami in Tokyo, flew to Phuket, bringing with him fish straight from Tsukiji market that morning.He sliced ​​up most of the tuna and other fish in the afternoon and was ready to serve it at night for the sushi pop up.
We checked into Sri Panwa, and got all settled in our room.The best thing about the villa for me was the personal saltwater pool.Sri Panwa is a very high end resort, but it ’s beautiful and you get so much privacy.
Before heading to the sushi event, we first had a drink and hung out with David at Baba Nest, a rooftop bar and lounge at Sri Panwa, overlooking the oceans and surrounding mountains.The scenery and relaxing environment has made Baba Nest one of the world's more renowned rooftop bars in the world.
We were served omakase style, the chef ’s table, and just the special fish that he had prepared for the meal.
Tuna hand roll (tossaki)
Bonito smoked mackerel
Spring salmon with dashi
Baby snapper
Pen shell
Golden eye snapper
Lean tuna
Medium fatty tuna (chutoro)
Fatty tuna (otoro)
Gizzard shad
Botan shrimp
Tilefish marinated kelp
Yellowtail amberjack marinated soy
Traditional clam
Monkfish liver
Sea urchin
Rosy seabass
Sea eel
Traditional omelet (dessert)
What was amazing about eating sushi with Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Sato is that he is such an amazingly friendly guy, and so not only was the sushi by far the best quality I've ever had in my life, but eating pieces of sushi that he passed me directly from his hand after making it, is what really increased the experience.
It was no doubt the best sushi meal I ’ve ever had in my life.Absolutely a life changing experience.Big thank you to the chef, David, Sri Panwa for hosting this event and organizing it!
DISCLOSURE: I was not paid to make this video.But I was invited to attend this sushi event at Sri Panwa, and I did not pay for my stay or for the meal.
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