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[Sushi Takumi] 47th: Respecting the Japanese Culture of Samurai | Shinji Nakazawa (KEIJI NAKAZAWA)


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2016/2/5 OnAir
[Sushi Takumi] Keiji Nakazawa (KEIJI NAKAZAWA)
47th: cherish the Japanese culture of Sakai

There is a culture to enjoy the season as one of the pleasures of the Japanese. The fragrance is fresh at the beginning, the fat at the return
Delicious. In addition, after feeling the ugliness of Cinco, get a ripe koda in the winter. This is a privilege unique to Japan with the four seasons. On the other hand, how do you compete in Hawaii where there are no seasons? As the samurai diversifies and spreads all over the world, you can't take your eyes off the new Edo Mausoleum that Nakazawa has handed down.

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