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Paul Akers compiles a bunch of tips and tricks to help make the Japan Study Mission even more successful.

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Paul Akers is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker, & Lean maniac.He has written several books on Lean and he travels the world to educate & speak about Lean principles, Lean manufacturing and Lean Health.Paul has a weekly podcast called The American Innovator where he shares about Lean & his travel adventures.For more information on Paul Akers and Lean, visit his website.

He is the founder and president of FastCap, based in Ferndale, WA.FastCap is an international product development company founded in 1997 with over 2000 distributors worldwide.At its core, FastCap is a Lean company, determined to continuously improve everything, everyday. products reflect the idea that everything can be improved and the best ideas come from the shop floor.

For more information on FastCap, visit FastCap's website. Or Blog For Spanish videos, visit our FastCap Spanish YouTube Channel.

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