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Jōdai Nihon-go is the oldest attested stage of the Japanese language.It is attested in documents from the Nara period (8th century) .It evolved into Early Middle Japanese in the succeeding Heian period, although the precise separation of these two languages ​​is controversial. Old Japanese was an early member of the Japonic family; no conclusive links to other language families have been demonstrated.

Old Japanese was written using Chinese characters, using an increasingly standardized and phonetic form that eventually evolved into man'yōgana.Typically for a Japonic language and for a step in the evolutionary line of modern Japanese, Old Japanese was a primarily agglutinative language with subject– However, the language was marked by a few phonemic differences from later forms of Japanese, such as a simpler syllable structure and distinctions between several pairs of syllables pronounced identically in Early Middle Japanese and later.The phonetic realization of this differentiation is uncertain.

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