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[Touken World] “Tachi Sengoku Hikari” Important Cultural Property | Japanese Sword YouTube Video


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[Touken World] “Sword Sengoku Hikari” Important Cultural Property | Japanese Sword YouTube Video

The virtual sword museum “Sword World” has a variety of content related to artistic Japanese swords (swords) and armor (armor) and ukiyo-e (samurai paintings). It covers not only Japanese textbooks (swords), armor (armor armor), and ukiyoe (warrior picture) information, but it can be read from photos, illustrations, and videos. The “Sword World” channel on the video site “YouTube” shows videos about Japanese swords and armor, as well as museums, art galleries and castles displaying swords.

This YouTube video introduces a Japanese sword produced in Yamashiro country during the Kamakura period, “Tachi sengoku next light” (important cultural property). Mitsukuni Hikari is a swordsmith who is said to be a child or instructor of Shunkoku. The style is similar to Shunku Shunkoku, but it is generally magnificent and has a lot of grilling blades. As a whole, it is inferior in quality compared to Shunku Shunkoku, and excellent in power. This is where the times have come. This sword is slender in the same work, and is polished to almost the same size. The ground and blades are excellent, especially with small turbulence and small blades, and the blades that fit well into the feet and leaves will outperform the masterpieces listed above. The inscription is left on the tip of the stem, but the inscription is a little smaller than a sword. Please take a look at this YouTube video for its beautiful appearance that has been designated as an important cultural property.

The contents of the virtual sword museum “Sword World” include the basic knowledge of Japanese swords (swords), armor (armor), and Ukiyoe (samurai pictures), the history and trivia of Japanese swords (swords), and Japanese swords (swords). There are lots of introductions of historians, battles, and masters who created famous swords. A variety of app games related to Japanese swords (swords), swords Kawayanagi, and four-character idioms. You can enjoy various information about Japanese swords (swords), armor (armor), and ukiyo-e (samurai paintings) in a virtual world from this video site "YouTube" with "Sword World" channel.

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