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[Tutorial] How to travel cheap in Japan by Night Bus-BEST budget travel tip


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Hello, it's Roo Garden here sharing about experiences and practical know-how on living in Japan.I have managed to visit 27 out of the 47 prefectures in Japan during my first year in Japan using very little amount of money.In this video, I will show you my bus booking method which I still use now while heading into my 4th year in Japan.Please encourage me by hitting that subscribe button and let's get started.
Catching a night bus can the cheapest and most convenient way to travel between major cities.It can extend your sight-seeing time, avoid accommodation expenses and encourage an early start to your day.
For those of you not new to the idea, you may have heard of bus companies such as Willer Express, Sakura Kankou, Orion Express but they are really a fraction of your options.

My go-to site for highway buses:

The money you save on transport can be spent on something more exciting.
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