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Use boiled soybeans as a snack for your child or lunch box.
A simple soy Italian food that is hors d'oeuvre with basil flavor and cheese.

The ingredients are boiled soybeans, ketchup, melted cheese, dashi soy sauce and basil.

Boiled soybeans: 170g
Ketchup: 4 tablespoons
Melting cheese: 40g
Dashi soy sauce: as you like
Basil leaves: proper amount

✥ Recipe ✥ (Cooking time ❉ 10 minutes)
[1] Put the boiled soybeans in a pan and heat them.

[2] Add ketchup and simmer further.

[3] Add melted cheese, melt and entangle it, adjust the taste with a condiment such as dashi soy sauce and stop the fire.

[4] Serve in a bowl with basil.

料理 Cooking without any hassle in 10 minutes.
Finally, you may want to adjust the ketchup taste to your liking with a hidden taste such as dashi soy sauce.
This is the optimal nutritional balance for children's snacks.

Of course, the seasoning is one of the important flavors.
Why not stick to the condiment with noodle soup?

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✥ Channel introduction ✥
Japanese food recipe TV
In Japanese cuisine recipe TV,
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Japanese food is delicious and healthy and very popular both in Japan and overseas.
The appeal of Japanese food is not only delicious.
Feel the season using seasonal ingredients,
You can enjoy the appearance by arranging it in stylish tableware.

How to make such an attractive Japanese cuisine
It will be distributed on Japanese recipe TV.

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