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Japan Government Tourism Bureau holds inbound Tokyo symposium


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Japan Government Tourism Bureau (JNTO) “JNTO inbound symposium Tokyo inbound new tide in Japan: Aiming for sustainable tourism” on March 8, GINZA SIX Kanze Held at Noh Theater.
JNTO Special Advisor David Atkinson gave a keynote speech, “Some weeks ago, I was asked by the tourism industry and media officials about the beach in Japan. Japan is an island nation with the 6th largest coastline in the world. I don't think there are a lot of tourism resources in Japan because there is not enough information. "
Next, in a panel discussion under the theme of “To make tourism a sustainable industry”, Takeshi Konishi, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “Sotokoto” said, “By increasing the number of fans and repeaters, It will be activated. "
The venue was filled with people from inbound industries such as travel industry, local governments and tourism associations, railway operators, and the participants listened eagerly.

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