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Yoshimitsu, a Japanese restaurant that uses seasonal ingredients selected from all over the country to create a moving story with a story.

It is an extraordinary space where you can fully experience the goodness of Japan through the hospitality of Nakai-san wearing a kimono and the skills of the craftsmen that you can use.

“Ameko okomeshi” is a special dish that highlights the flavor and taste of anago. It ’s like a two-cup soup with soup stock.
It is a blissful gem that can be enjoyed twice.

Sake is mainly from the local sake of Saitama, Niigata and Tohoku.

The interior of the store is a Japanese-style room with a sense of luxury, consisting of about 10 private-seat counter seats, table seats separated by bags, and VIP private room seats.

It is a hideout that can be used for various occasions such as entertainment, date, and various banquets.

【store information】

Address: Saitama Prefecture Saitama City Urawa-ku Nakamachi 3-2-16-2F
TEL: 048-711-8263
Access: Exit the "Urawa" station west exit on each line and go straight on Nakasendo.
Turn left at the intersection of the Royal Pines Hotel, and the second building is a black building.
Opening hours: [Tuesday-Sundays, holidays, before holidays] Lunch 11: 30-14: 30 (L.O.14: 00)
[Tuesday-Saturday / Holiday / Holiday] Dinner 17: 00-22: 00 (L.O.21: 00)
[Sun] Dinner 17: 00-22: 00 (L.O.21: 00)
On Sundays and evenings, reservations can be made until Saturday the day before.
Regular holiday: Monday 3rd Tuesday * Open if Monday is a public holiday

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